Program: Computer Science

Specialization: Software Engineering and Web Design/Control Systems

Subject: Project in SEW/SK

The Project subject is a mandatory course designed for both specializations (SEW and SK) in the fifth semester of the Computer Science program.

The Project subject involves the commitment that third-year students in both specializations will have, within the framework of fulfilling practical work in the Project subject in SEW and the Project subject in SK, as outlined in the Plan and Study Program of the newly accredited Computer Science Program.

As indicated in the Self-Assessment Report, the Project course in SEW and the Project course in SK each carry a significant number of credits, totaling 6 ECTS. The aim of this course is the practical empowerment of students, constituting the practical part of the student’s work in solving a specific problem designated by the professional subject teachers or topics chosen by students with the approval of the professor and the faculty council.

FSHK teachers prepare a list of problems/tasks titled the project list, under which various issues identified by teachers in collaboration with institutions/companies with which UKZ has cooperation agreements need to be elaborated.

With the approval of the respective Faculty Council or the dean of the faculty, IT-related projects that are interconnected with other fields may also be considered.

The project is worked on by students in groups, and their evaluation is reflected in a grade that indicates their professional development.


Sincerely, Dean of the Faculty of Computer Science, Prof. Asoc. Dr. Lindita Nebiu Hyseni