UKZ Annual Conference 2023
May 23, 2022 MË SHUMË
New edition of MFA scholarship scheme for students from the Western Balkans
January 6, 2022 MË SHUMË
Evaluation Report of the Measuring Card of University Autonomy in Kosovo – STAND Project
December 10, 2021 MË SHUMË
Study opportunities in the US for one semester
December 7, 2021 MË SHUMË
In the framework of QUADIC project the Coordinator – UKZ had a meeting with its partner – TUS
October 1, 2021 MË SHUMË
February 12, 2021 MË SHUMË
Conference Call from Novo Mesto University
February 3, 2021 MË SHUMË
Workshops on the QATEK project were held at UKZ
February 2, 2021 MË SHUMË
Scholarships from Hungarian government for Kosovar students
November 26, 2020 MË SHUMË
The work on the QUADIC workshop is completed
February 14, 2020 MË SHUMË
The QUADIC project has continued presenting the work packages
February 13, 2020 MË SHUMË
The conference “University, Policy and Values of Higher Education” was held which was organized by the Conference of Rectors
February 13, 2020 MË SHUMË