With about 6000 thousand students, “Kadri Zeka” University in Gjilan pursues excellence in research and teaching.

Educating students with the most modern achievements of science, technology, cultivating entrepreneurial and creative spirit, made the University “Kadri Zeka” ready to face the challenges of the future in a dynamic world and and permanent change in the employment market.

The Academic and Administrative Staff of “Kadri Zeka” University is an inspiring place, which attracts the best researchers in the country and the region.

UKZ as a member of several international research organizations belongs to the most prestigious institutions in the country and beyond, highlighting collaborations with universities inside and outside Kosovo.

UKZ promotes international cooperation in research and teaching, and promotes the exchange of students and academic staff. Within this are students, assistants and professors who can win scholarships as part of university activities of international character.

Some students and assistants have received scholarships from our Erasmus + projects and have studied at the University of Ljubljana in Slovenia, the University of Split in Croatia, the University of Le Leonn in Spain, Katowice in Poland, Sofia in Bulgaria, and Paterborn of Germany and other European Union countries.

Our students, in addition to teaching, have the opportunity to realize projects related to the employment market and concrete work. Our students are part of Youth Conferences – Summer Schools, various international organizations.

UKZ students have started printing the first elements in 3D.

In terms of research and scientific international cooperation, UKZ is part of three Erasmus + projects: the REBUS project, the EUFORIA project, GREEN TECH and a Kosovo-Austria project – the HERAS project.

UKZ is founder and member of the Association of Balkan Universities (BUA), and a member of the European Teachers Association (ATEE).