Rector’s word

Dear visitors of “Kadri Zeka” University web site,

By sharing your precious time with our University, you will understand the confidence and hopes of UKZ students, professors, assistants and administration staff to create a new, modern and quality university to be compatible with the employment market.

We are a new university, but this gives us the opportunity to orient our university to new goals, new strategies and methods, so that a UKZ student with his / her diploma is equal to other students in the country, in the region and in the European space.

The university is a great opportunity for society, provided that it cultivates the open minds of students, critical thinking and promotes scientific research. Only with this approach our students can repay their debt to society, the homeland, and the world: improving social welfare, economic development as well as promoting the contest by respecting competition. Only with this approach our University can play the role of the window and the gateway to society: an open window to see more and an open door to communicate more and equitably with the world. The word university by itself has this meaning.

Our society, like other transitional societies, suffers from a discrepancy between the academic lessons offered by universities and the employment market requirements for universities. We aim to make UKZ compatible with the employment market, given Kosovo’s resources and global market demands.

Kosovo one day will be part of the European Union. Entering the European market, UKZ student competes with European student, as for the workplace, for scientific research and every other academic aspect. The only way to cope with this competition is to increase the quality of teaching at the University and open up research opportunities.

Our university considers cooperation with the stakeholders of academic education as a priority, ranging from professional institutions, social groups to civil society. Only on a regular communication about the demands of society and its possibilities we can design our study programs.

Our University sees the cooperation with other local, regional and international universities as a very important issue. Student mobility is very important not only for students but also for UKZ itself.
The communication of traditions, cultures, ideas, research and other academic trends is in the spirit and the soul of our University.

Our university consider the multicultural structure as prosperity of our society as well as the multiculturalism of the societies around the Republic of Kosovo. Therefore, we find it important to collaborate with all these social structures and we want to orient study programs in these areas.

In order to achieve these goals, the UKZ must create and always have a capable academic staff and an effective administration. We are open and demanding for any academic person who can bring innovation to UKZ, in any academic field and in any academic aspect.

We are aiming for a new university — for a new society.

Good luck to all of us!

Pof. Asoc. Dr. Bajram Kosumi