UKZ is a member of several international institutions and organizations dealing with higher education, science, research, innovation, and the overall development of HEIs.

 List of UKZ membership in institutions and organizations

No. Name of institution Membership
1 Founding member of BUA – BUA 2015
2 Member of EUF – European Universities Foundation 2018
3 Member of ATEE – Association of Teacher Education in Europe 2014
4 Member of ENAI – European Network for Academic Integrity 2018
5 Member of ELFA- European Law Faculties Association 2019
6 Member of SDSN- Sustainable Development Solutions Network 2019
7 Member of the Forum of Rectors of South-East Europe 2019
8 Member of the Conference of Rectors of RKS 2017
9 Member of the Conference of Rectors of Albanian Universities 2018
10 Member of the University Sports Federation 2019