Research at UKZ

UKZ, organizes and co-organizes various local and international events which inform students, staff and the community on the achievements, education development trends, cooperation and projects, conferences, symposia, and training through which the staff is developed. All academic and administrative units cooperate closely in the implementation of ideas and projects that assist in professional development.

 Organizing and co-organizing international visibility and outreach events (conferences, summer schools, etc.)

No Local and international visibility and outreach events (conferences, round tables, workshops, seminars, events, summer schools, etc.) Place
1 DiGiDay Conference. DiGiDay 2019 Conference was organized in cooperation with the University of Podgorica, Montenegro, University of Korça “Fan S. Noli”, Albania, University of Elbasan “Aleksander Xhuvani”, Albania, University “Mother Teresa”, Skopje, Northern Macedonia, University of Vlora “Ismail

Qemajli”, Albania, and University of Mitrovica, “Isa Boletini”, Kosovo.

2 BUA Conferences 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020. UKZ is a founding member of the BUA (BUA). The BUA 2019 conference aimed to provide a high- level scientific platform to discuss these issues extensively. Topics range from Agriculture and Forestry, Sustainable Development and European Projects to Quality Assessment and QA in Education along with the Impact of Universities on Local and Regional Economies. Conference of Rectors Kosovo. Bulgaria

, Turkey, Northern Macedo nia, Greece,


3 Conferences of Rectors in Kosovo. Public Universities in Kosovo have organized a Conference of Rectors, which will discuss important issues regarding higher education in Kosovo and the problems faced by these universities. The Conference of Rectors has issued several resolutions and reactions on various issues which have directly affected universities and higher education in Kosovo. The leaders of this Conference are the Rectors, who exercise this function by rotation. UKZ has now taken over the leadership of this Conference. Kosovo
4 Conference of Rectors of Albanian universities. The Conference of Rectors of Albanian Universities is obliged to deal with the topics that have been discussed in these Conferences, which were from the most diverse such as Public University Management, Autonomy, Structures and Inclusion; Internationalization of Public Universities, Challenges and Perspectives; Unused Potential of Quality

Management: University Curriculum and employment.

5 Conference of Rectors of Southeast Europe 2019, where UKZ, during the conference of the Fourth Forum of Rectors of Universities of Southeast Europe and Western Balkans, became a member of the Forum of Rectors of Southeast Europe and Western Balkans, April 24, 2019. The Rector of UKZ, participated in the fourth  Forum of  Rectors  of  Universities  of  Southeast Europe and Western

Balkans that is being held in Podgorica, namely at the University of Montenegro.

Montene gro


On this occasion, UKZ has become a member of the Forum of the Rectors of Southeast Europe and the Western Balkans. Meanwhile, rectors and representatives of about 30 university units from Southeast Europe and the

Western Balkans are participating in this Forum.

6 Erasmus + and UKZ Conference as Best Practices. At the National Library in Prishtina, an information conference of the Erasmus + Office in Kosovo was held on the introduction of the program and the next call from EACEA. It was attended by all public and private Institutions of Higher Education in Kosovo, representatives from MEST and students. This information session was extremely important for UKZ as the Vice-Rector for International Cooperation was invited to make the presentation at the Best Practices session, where a detailed presentation of International Cooperation and Projects and the QUADIC project

as coordinator was made.

7 Cluster Meeting Conference in Prishtina. Organized by the European Commission and the Erasmus + Office in Prishtina, a Conference was organized on the topic: “Impact of Erasmus + Capacity Building Higher Education (CBHE) projects on reform and modernization of the Higher Education system in Kosovo”. Capacity- building projects were presented at this conference and UKZ was presented as best practices with the QUADIC project and for the good implementation of all its objectives. This Conference was held online due to the pandemic situation with


8 Organized by the European Commission and the ERASMUS + Program Section, UKZ participated in the Conference “Regional Cluster Meeting – Capacity Building in Higher Education – projects’ impact in the Western Balkans” on October 23, 2019. Organized by the European Commission and the ERASMUS + Program Section, in Durrës, Albania, the Conference “Regional Cluster Meeting – Capacity Building in Higher Education – projects’ impact in the Western Balkans” is taking place attended by the Rector of the UKZ, and the Dean of the FAS. During the Conference, the works were developed in the field of regional cooperation, modernization, access and internationalization in higher education, addressing the impact of projects implemented and in the process of implementation by the Erasmus + program, such as ELEMEND, TEACHER, TEAVET, REBUS, e-VIVA. Among other things, the first session elaborated the results achieved by the Erasmus + projects, in connecting HEI with society and the labour market, raising the quality and internationalization of higher education,

promoting higher education reforms at national and regional levels, as well as in the deepening of cooperation between the HEI of the Western Balkan countries.

9 UKZ in cooperation with Universum College has organized a conference for the e-VIVA project funded by the Erasmus + program of the EU. The conference addressed the topic “Enhancing and Validating service-related competencies in Versatile learning environments in Western Balkan Universities” on December 23, 2019. Bringing innovation in the field of education in Kosovo, the e-VIVA Project addresses issues aimed at working in the industry of development and service delivery. Representatives of relevant institutions were invited in this conference. The project aims to identify the most basic competencies for the service economy and will contribute to their higher transparency for students,

teachers, and employers.

10 IAFES Conference. UKZ was presented at the Conference with the project “The advantages of creating a new account in Moodle by users themselves and not by the administration” prepared by the professors Basri Ahmedi, Xhevdet Thaqi, and Ekrem Halimi. The presentation before the experts and participants of the

conference was made by the Dean and Vice Dean of the FCS, UKZ.

11 Conference  on the  exchange  of  experiences  of  international  cooperation. The

Rector of the UKZ, together with the Vice-Rector for International  Cooperation,



participated in the conference organized in Vienna, Austria for the exchange of experiences of international cooperation and the establishment of stronger links between UKZ and the most famous universities in Europe, which are part of  this

conference, such as the University of Vienna, Zurich, Riga, Portsmouth, Lodz, etc.

12 UKZ part of the scientific conference “The Balkans in the European Integration“, organized by Sofia University St. Kliment Ohridski, which was held in the framework of the EU Summit, which once again confirmed to the Balkan

countries the perspective of EU integration, May 16, 2018.

13 UKZ Conference “Evaluation and first results of the Pilot Project: Grade I-V,

approach with subject teachers”

14 Joint conference of UKZ and MTU. This conference was organized by the UKZ together with the “Mother Teresa” University in Skopje, for sustainable

development in the Western Balkans.

15 Summer School at the University of Thessaloniki. UKZ together with the

University of Thessaloniki organized the summer school in Thessaloniki. UKZ has sent a number of students to this school.

16 International scientific conference “Relations of the Albanian people with Austro- Hungary (Austria) from the XIX century to the present day”, organized by UKZ, UBT, “Hasan Prishtina” University, Institute for Political and International Studies based in Skopje, as well as with the “LogosA” Publishing House, Skopje, 9

September 2016.

North Macedo nia
17 The Institute for Legal and Democratic Studies (ISLD) in cooperation with UKZ has co-organized the IV Regional Scientific Conference on “Changes in society through reforms, with special emphasis on education, justice and economy” on

March 29, 2016.

18 Constituent Meeting of the Conference of Rectors, June 16, 2016 Kosovo
19 The Pan-Albanian scientific conference dedicated to the 130th anniversary of the first Albanian classroom, in cooperation with the “Fan S. Noli” University in Korça, UKZ, University of Tirana, “Hasan Prishtina” University in Prishtina, University of Skopje, have organized the Pan-Albanian conference “130 years of

the First Albanian School – the heart of education, emancipation and raising the national consciousness of Albanians”, on March 6, 2017.

20 The ATEE Conference was held in Riga, Latvia, where UKZ is a full member, 15

May 2017

21 International Conference, “Plagiarism Across Europe and Beyond 2017”, 25

MAY 2017.



22 The IEEE-sponsored Cloud Computing Conference 2017 was held in London,

UK, attended by UKZ, 18-20 July 2017.



23 The International Conference on “Interregional developments in geographical, historical, social, economic and cultural focus” was organized in the “Fan S. Noli” University in Korça, on November 3. Albania
24 In the 1st Regional Conference on IT and Communication under the organization of the Municipality of Gjilan, the FCS of UKZ has presented the FCS as a

promoter of IT projects, on February 27, 2018.

25 In Corfu, Greece at the Conference of the International Association for e-Science IAFeS (International Association for e-Science, UKZ was presented with the project “The advantages of creating a new account in Moodle by users

themselves and not by the administration”, 7 May 2018.

26 UKZ presenter at the Closing Conference of the Erasmus Mundus GreenTechWb

project held in Montenegro, respectively in Podgorica, May 10, 2018.



27 Mother Teresa University in Skopje in cooperation with UKZ, has organized the

International Conference on “Sustainable Development in the Western Balkans: approaches, shortcomings, and challenges“, 02-03 November 2018.


Macedo nia


28 The Conference of Rectors of Public Universities of RKS, in the meeting held on

21.01.2019, reviewed the Notification of the SQC on the decisions to withdraw accreditation and rejection of 42 study programs.

29 UKZ part of the conference of rectors of Albanian public universities entitled “Albanian higher education and facing the future“. The conference was attended by rectors and vice-rectors from Albanian public universities in Kosovo,

Albania, and Macedonia, February 16, 2019.

30 UKZ, participant in the International Scientific Conference “Strategy for the local economic development of municipalities in the Balkans with special emphasis on views, challenges, and development opportunities“, organized by

the Institute for Scientific Research and Development in Ulcinj, April 8, 2020

Montene gro
31 Conference of Rectors of Southeast Europe 2019. The Rector of the UKZ, has participated in the fifth Forum of Rectors of Universities of Southeast Europe and Western Balkans that is being held in Ljubljana, respectively at the

University of Ljubljana.

32 The Conference of Rectors of Public Universities of Kosovo has organized the conference “Accreditation and Quality in Higher Education“. December 18,


33 UKZ participated in the Consortium Conference of the ResearchCult Project,

“Improving the research culture in higher education in Kosovo”. February 24, 2020

34 UKZ participant in the II Conference of Rectors of Albanian Universities on the topic: “Albanian Universities in front of the challenges of the European Higher

Education Area“. March 7, 2020.

35 International conference “Plagiarism across Europe and Beyond 2018”. Turkey
36 International conference “Plagiarism across Europe and Beyond 2019”. Lithuani


37 International conference “Plagiarism across Europe and Beyond 2020”. Dubai
38 Organized by UKZ, in cooperation with GIZ-CDBE (Capacity Development in

Basic Education), the conference “Evaluation and the first results of the Pilot Project: Class I-V, approach with subject teachers” was held.

39 Organizing study visits of students from PH Zug. 14 students of ZUG University in Switzerland have arrived in Gjilan, as part of the exchange between UKS and PH Zug, within the cooperation agreement that UKZ has with ZUG University, in exchange for the mobility of the academic staff. Afterwards, the Swiss students held a meeting with the Dean of the FEd and the staff of the FEd where they talked about the field of education and educational teaching. Prof. Ass. Dr. Dukagjin Leka, Assistant Selim Daku, and the Official for International Cooperation, Luljete Berisha, together with Swiss and Gjilan students have developed a joint

workshop on “The role of teachers in school and society”.

40 Organizing study visits of students from UKZ in Zug, Switzerland. 20 students of the UKZ, have stayed for a study visit in Switzerland, respectively at the University of ZUG. A grand reception was given to all UKZ students by Zug students, who had previously visited Gjilan two months earlier. Each in their own way, they had prepared various activities in gratitude for the hospitality made in

Gjilan during their one week stay.

Switzerl and
41 UKZ has organized Erasmus + Info Day every year Gjilan,


42 Info Day from the French Embassy in Kosovo about the possibility of studying

in France



43 Info Day for students on the USAID project “Up to youth Gjilan,


44 Information day for the next call for ERASMUS + 2020. This event, which was

attended by management, academic, administrative staff and students, presented




opportunities for academic staff and students with detailed information on how to apply for Short Term Exchanges / International Credit Mobility (ICM); Joint Master / Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Degrees (EMJMDs); Capacity Building

Projects for Higher Education (CBHE); Jean Monnet / Jean Monnet Actions (JMA)

45 The “Studying in France” conference, which aims to inform students about the opportunities available in France to study. Representatives briefed them on scholarship opportunities, exchanges, enrolment conditions, and student life in France. Otherwise, Francophone countries are the main destinations for university

education. French universities are among the best and most prestigious in the world.

Gjilan, Kosovo
46 Information Conference on Application in the 12th Round of the Young Cell Scheme, EU Postgraduate Scholarship Program. This meeting was organized after the EU Office and the Ministry of European Integration opened the competition for the 12th Round of application in the Young Cell Scheme, EU program for postgraduate scholarships for Kosovo, which is currently being implemented by

the British Council.

Gjilan, Kosovo
47 Information Conference for Application in the Global UGRAD Program 2019-2020Officials from the US Office in Kosovo, stayed at UKZ, where they were received by the Vice-Rector for International Cooperation, Dukagjin Leka, who on behalf of Rector, Bajram Kosumi, thanked the US Office for providing Good opportunities for UKZ students. Lecture on “Anti-Corruption Week”, the Anti-Corruption Agency, namely the Directorate for Investigation of Economic Crimes and Corruption, has organized a lecture on “Fighting criminal offences of


Gjilan, Kosovo
48 Info day in Tirana. Representatives from several HEI from the Netherlands have come to Tirana, with the aim of creating bridges of cooperation with universities in the Balkans. Participants from UKZ were the rector and two vice-rectors.

UKZ has been a participant in various fairs that have been organized in Kosovo, in order to inform the public on the programs, way of study, events, activities, achievements of students and professionals that our country needs today, what our university provides to prospective students, the conditions and manner of study as

well as what it provides for the community for changing conditions. Below we have presented the abovementioned fairs.

49 UKZ fair and information day “Start with a dream, finish with a future!” UKZ, has held an information day for graduates, who completed a very important journey. Knowing that now each of them is faced with the decision on their study programs, UKZ students have done this through the distribution of informants,

brochures, prepared by the University staff.

Gjilan, Kosovo
50 Collaboration Fair. “Building Partnerships”

In the event of the FEc, the students and the academic staff of this faculty with various activities marked the 5th anniversary of the establishment of UKZ. Initially, the Mini-economic fair was organized attended by 14 producers from the country and beyond such as Rc Cola – Gjilan, Flexograf – Gjilan, Calabria (Meat Industry) – Gjilan, Banja Nena Naile – Kllokot, Agro Adria (Meat Industry) – Bujanoc, BKT – Gjilan, Banka Ekonomike – Gjilan, Scardian – Gjilan, Vipa Chips

– Vushtrri, Protec – Gjilan, Kep – Gjilan, KIT – Kosovo, IT – Prishtina, AIO Technology  –  Prishtina,  and  Toni  Commerce  –  Prishtina.  In  conclusion,  a

cooperation agreement was signed between the UKZ and companies participating in the economic mini-fair under the motto “building partnerships”.

Gjilan, Kosovo
51 UKZ, organizer of the Job Fair

UKZ has participated in the Job Fair in Gjilan, presenting its work and activities,

which are also presented in various newsletters. Also in this fair, UKZ has promoted the study programs it provides to new students. Otherwise, on Thursday

Gjilan, Kosovo


the Job Fair was opened in Gjilan, which was organized in cooperation with the Ministry of Labour and Social Welfare (MLSW), the Employment Agency of RKS (APRK), the Municipality of Gjilan, the Agency for Regional Development

– East, and the German OIC (GIZ).

52 Study Fair in Gjilan

In the high school campus in Gjilan, the Study Fair of the universities of Kosovo and the region was opened, where UKZ has presented the profiles they offer for this academic year and the special scientific successes that this academic institution has in years. The fair with many representatives from different

universities in Kosovo and the region, was followed with great curiosity by high school graduates from Gjilan.

Gjilan, Kosovo
53 Virtual Career Fair

UKZ participated in the Virtual Career Fair held in the “1 Tetori” Hall in Prishtina, organized by the University of Prishtina “Hasan Prishtina”, namely the Center for Career Development, and supported by the partner project DIMAK Kosova – GIZ. In this fair, UKZ has provided for participants, especially for high school graduates and graduates, information about opportunities for career guidance and development, employment, internships, scholarships, training, courses, etc., as well as about the orientation of future students for study programs that our University provides. During the fair, there was a great interest of high school

graduates of Kosovo Municipalities for UKZ, namely for academic programs and offers, so that later, they can be oriented on where to continue their studies.

Gjilan, Kosovo
54 UKZ held the workshop and established the focus group of businesses providing services within the Erasmus + eVIVA project

In the framework of the E-viva project, a focus group was held at UKZ with several business representatives in Gjilan. Initially, they were introduced to the project in question, while showing their appreciation for participating in this focus group. In this meeting, it was discussed in general about education on competencies related to services, and in particular about marketing, support of third parties, providing education on competencies related to service, methodology, and competencies related to service and validation. The E-viva project is a project funded by Erasmus + with 16 partners, for a period of three


Gjilan, Kosovo
55 UKZ organized the workshop and signed cooperation agreements with businesses within the Erasmus + EUFORIA project

Within UKZ, there is also the Industrial Board established by the Municipal Businesses (Gjilan, Kamenica, Viti, Kllokot, etc.), with whom UKZ holds meetings at least twice a year about joint activities, which are aimed at developing UKZ and also meeting the needs of businesses on staff, research, etc. UKZ has

cooperation agreements with close to 20 businesses, for student internships, research, and other activities and events of common interest.

Gjilan, Kosovo
56 UKZ has organized the conference on the Student Project for digitalization of services in the Municipality of Gjilan

UKZ and the Municipality of Gjilan have achieved cooperation for the digitalization of the services of the Bus Station and high schools in Gjilan. Students of the FCS have presented their work in the electronic compilation of school hours, school website, digitalization of work and services at the bus station, and the application for payment management and hotel services in order to improve services to the public, in this case, schools and enterprises, and in the

future other public institutions and the business network in general.

Gjilan, Kosovo
57 UKZ together with USAID, has organized the Conference on Women’s Rights in Inheritance. “Human Rights – Guaranteeing equal property rights in Kosovo”. At UKZ, an open lecture was held on this topic. The purpose of this

lecture   was   to   provide   students   with   information   on   the   importance of

Gjilan, Kosovo


guaranteeing equal property rights for women and men in Kosovo, as well as the legal and political challenges that Kosovo faces in achieving this goal. Research by the USAID Property Rights Program provides sound indications that the

number of women owning property in their own name will increase rapidly.

58 UKZ together with the OSCE has organized a workshop with staff, students, and

other participants on the democratization and transparency of institutions.



59 UKZ has also organized the GUEST Speaker program, in which prominent personalities from the country, the region, and Europe were invited to give a lecture in the field of his/her achievement. A number of Guest Speaker events have been organized so far, inviting renowned national and international


Gjilan, Kosovo
60 Joint EU/Council of Europe International Conference/ Seminar on Quality in

International Partnerships, 8 February 2017

61 UKZ together with the Democratic Institute of Kosovo (KDI), has conducted workshops “Abuses that we (do not) see” with students of UKZ. The workshop, which was attended by about 50 students, discussed how to account for the use of public money. Students who attended this program obtained certificates after being informed on how to identify red flags in public contracts, as well as ways to report violations that may arise as a result of poor management of public procurement contracts. This workshop was held within the project funded by

KFOS “Citizens for efficient procurement and conscientious management of public money”.

Gjilan, Kosovo
62 GIZ CDBE Training. GIZ CDBE training sessions have started at UKZ for students of the FEd. The program “Teaching and learning grades 1-5 of primary school”, aims to acquire this program, to implement in their classrooms strategies, methods, and interactive teaching and learning techniques, which enable the construction and creation of knowledge in students, habit formation and development of student competencies in accordance with the Curriculum

Framework and learning outcomes.

Gjilan, Kosovo
63 UKZ and BIRN Kosovo, in the framework of the Kosovar consortium in the project funded by the Global Community Engagement and Resilience Fund – GCERF, have conducted a training session for students of the FL in Gjilan, on

rules for reporting cases of terrorism and religious extremism.

Gjilan, Kosovo
64 UKZ and the Balkan Investigative Reporting Network BIRN Kosovo, through the Luxembourg support scheme for civil society in Kosovo, held a training session for the students of the FL of the UKZ, on “Improving Investigative Journalism Standards through Shared Experiences”. During this training session, students gained useful knowledge on the ethics of journalism and the legal consequences of inaccurate reporting. Also, the students in this training were introduced to “Krypometrin”, a platform applied by “”, which deals with monitoring, verification, and then publication of the lies of accountable actors. At the end of this training session, the participating students also obtained certificates for the contribution given to this activity by BIRN Kosovo and other

supporting partners of this training.

Gjilan, Kosovo
65 GIZ has organized professional training for Scientific Research and Data Analysis with SPSS. Rapid technological development puts us on a daily basis in front of numerous forecasts and information, for which qualitative and accurate research must be performed. For this purpose, Dafina Turkeshi from GIZ has held a professional training session on Scientific Research and Data Analysis with SPSS (Statistical Package for Social Sciences) for the students of the FEd of UKZ, which aims to prepare students, who in the nature of their work are concerned with quantitative research, using questionnaires. This training was a unique opportunity

for practical skills on how statistics and econometrics are applied in the real world

Gjilan, Kosovo


through the most widespread application software SPSS (Statistical Package for

Social Sciences).

66 The Student Parliament of UKZ in Gjilan, in cooperation with the organization LIZA-R, has organized training for students on several different topics such as Writing a project proposal, Budget Planning, Project Implementation, Financial Management, Leadership, Group work, Information days held in order to inform students on foreign programs about the possibility of winning student scholarships, participation in international conferences, various training sessions, information session of the program of the EU Office in Kosovo and the Office of Erasmus +, which aims to modernize education systems and

adapt them to the systems of the EU;

Gjilan, Kosovo
67 As a result of the cooperation agreement that UKZ has with University of Maribor in Slovenia and with Vinery Association of Kosovo “Enologjia”, wine producers in Kosovo have participated in the 10th international competitions, in Maribor of Slovenia. UKZ every day more and more is creating new opportunities for students, professors, but also for Kosovo businesses to expand the labour market internationally. UKZ in Gjilan and wine producers of RKS today received two international awards for quality in white and red wine. On this occasion, the Rector of UKZ, Prof. Assoc. Dr. Bajram Kosumi has accepted the award for first place in

white wine and third place prize for red wine.

Maribor, Slovenia
68 In cooperation with GIZ, within the agreement, it is made possible to participate in the International Conference “Labor market policy and employment promotion – Background and concepts”, 14-15 November 2017. International

Conference held in GIZ Eschborn, Germany

German y
69 Open Lecture organized by the Council of Europe “Academic Integrity with

special focus on plagiarism and contract cheating”, 6 December 2017,

70 Round Table organized by the Council of Europe “Round Table – Codes of

Conduct in Higher Education”, 16 November 2017

71 Seminar organized by the Council of Europe “Seminar on Ethical Standards in

Higher Education”, 2 August 2017.

72 European Commission “Horizon 2020 Info Days”, 30 November 2017 Prishtina
73 Round Table organized by Council of Europe “Round Table-Presentation of the findings of the Baseline Study on Issues Affecting Integrity in Higher

Education”, 14 March 2017.

74 Joint International Conference between the EU and the Council of Europe “Horizontal Facility for the Western Balkans and Turkey”

–  Strengthening integrity and the fight against corruption in higher education;

–  Creating a democratic culture in school, 26 January 2017

75 World University Service (WUS) Austria Workshop “Working student-centred learning methods at public universities in Kosovo with the design thinking

methodology”, 5-6 December 2017

76 World University Service (WUS) Austria Workshop on “Developing student- centred learning methods at public universities in Kosovo with the design

thinking methodology”, 5-6 December 2017

77 Joint EU/Council of Europe International Conference – Seminar

“Internationalization of Higher Education – Best Practices”, 14 December 2017

78 Erasmus + Office in Kosovo, Erasmus + Programme Information Day for HEI, 7

November 2017

79 Ministry of Education, Science and Technology in cooperation with GIZ (GIZ) GmbH – International Conference “Acting Together for Better Education”, 1

December 2017

80 GIZ (GIZ) GmbH – Joint Planning Workshop of the GIZ project “Capacity

Development in Primary Education in Kosovo/CDBE”, 2-3 March 2017



81 The Rector of UKZ has awarded medals and diplomas to the winners, winemakers of RKS, who have been awarded two international prizes for quality in white and red wine in the tenth international competition organized by the University of Maribor in Slovenia. Rector Bajram Kosumi said that this occasion was a special pleasure because according to him such awards honour UKZ, wine producers and the country – RKS. (Https://www.uni- prodhuesit-vendor-te-vererave/)