Quality Coordinators

Faculty of Education – Vogelushe Kurteshi

Faculty of Law – Fadil Osmani

Faculty of Economy- Nexhat Shkodra

Faculty of Computer Science – Aferdita Ibrahimi

Faculty of Applied Sciences – Kastriot Dermaku


Description of Job Duties and Responsibilities

Position Name: Quality Coordinator

The coordinator is a bridge between the Academic Units and the Office for Academic Development of the University “Kadri Zeka”. The coordinator reports to the management through the Office for Academic Development and has the following duties and responsibilities:

  • Instructs the academic staff and the students within the academic unit on practical and academic aspects of ECTS implementation;
  • Instructs and monitors the corresponding department and the studies commission of the academic unit during the accreditation / re-accreditation process to design / review the study programs;
  • In cooperation with the management of the academic unit, takes care of and monitors the involvement of all stakeholders (academic staff, students, businesses or members of the Advisory Board) for the design / review of the study programs;
  • Is part of the planning and monitoring of the subject and teacher evaluation process, as well as internal quality evaluation;
  • In cooperation with the management of the academic unit assists in the systematization of data and information related to scientific / artistic activity in the academic unit (recording of scientific works, artistic performance, professional and scientific projects);
  • Advises, plans, and monitors quality enhancement schemes, activities and activities in the academic unit.