Career Center and Alumni

Alumni at the University “Kadri Zeka” in Gjilan is focuses on the professional well-being of individuals who have completed their studies at the University and their interconnection. Through meetings and activities, it helps to transmit ideas, initiatives, innovation, collaborations between each other which are much needed after the graduation process and especially during facing the labor market.




In October 2019 UKZ held its first meeting with Alumni: see further: see further


Liza REXHEPI was born in Gjilan, Kosovo, in 1995. She completed her basic studies at the University ‘Kadri Zeka’, Faculty of Law. During her basic studies, Mrs. Rexhepi was distinguished for his dedication to learning and participation in various activities, local and international, thus representing the University ‘Kadri Zeka’ at the international level. He completed his postgraduate studies at Ohio Northern University, Pettit W. Claude College of Law. Mrs. Rexhepi showed high success during her studies for a master’s degree in law, where she was classified as a student with the highest average grade among local (American) and international students. For this success she became part of the list of the dean, which represents the most significant institute for law students, ranking at the highest academic level all those who become part of this list. At the graduation ceremony, where Mrs. Rexhepi speaks in front of the audience, attributes the academic success to the University ‘Kadri Zeka’, and the continuous support of the academic staff of this University. Mrs. Rexhepi is currently a doctoral candidate in the constitutional and administrative field of the Faculty of Law, at the South East European University. In this field, she has conducted research and scientific papers which contribute to the legal sciences. Mrs. Rexhepi is also engaged as an assistant at the Faculty of Law of the University ‘Kadri Zeka’, thus continuing the line of cooperation with the University, which gave her the initial steps to continue her academic career.


Buen Bajrami was born in the city of Gjilan, he is currently working in his company ENTECH Systems which takes responsibility for communication and security systems in all cities of Kosovo. Bueni opened the company by himself and runs it himself, immediately after completing his studies in Computer Science at the University “Kadri Zeka” in Gjilan. His company ENTECH Systems sh.p.k works with small and large projects, private and public. At the moment, ENTECH Systems has 4 employees and hopes to grow soon. During the years 2014-2017, Bueni studied Computer Science at the Baçlor level at the University “Kadri Zeka” in Gjilan. While during 2015-2016 within the Erasmus Mundus Green Tech project, Buen Bajrami, as a student of the Faculty of Computer Science at the University “Kadri Zeka”, have received a one-year scholarship to study in Paderborn, Germany. Bueni is very happy to study at the University ‘Kadri Zeka’, because he says that his success is a good example for others that with studies at UKZ and work is achieved a lot. The scholarship holders thanked the UKZ executives for their support and expressed their determination to represent UKZ as dignifiedly as possible at the University of Paderborn in Germany. – Paderbon, Germany. During 2018 in Graz, Austria, at the University of Applied Sciences FH Joanneum was part of the Seminar on “E-Government”. During 2017 – 2020, at the University “Kadri Zeka” in Gjilan has attended studies of Master level E – Governance.
In 2019 he was certified for the presentation of the paper “Aspects of cloud computing security” by the International Association for escience – IAFES, Kosovo. Also in 2019 he received a certificate for the presentation of the paper “Server Security Issues” at the third international conference TSD at the University “Mother Teresa” Skopje, Northern Macedonia. Whereas in the First DiGiDay Conference of the University “Kadri Zeka”, May 2019, received a certificate for the presentation of the paper “Digitalization of the school library with services”. At the same time, he attended the course for “Word Press” from the “Elita” Educational Center. Bueni is fluent in English and German. Buen Bajrami is competent for: Telephone network, audio systems, GPS systems, fire alarm system, CCTV camera system, communication systems, security system, LAN network infrastructure, Smart Home System..

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