National Agreements

UKZ also has several cooperation agreements with institutions, businesses and non- governmental organizations through which it is intended that external parties are part of the development of the university and at the same time, UKZ to benefit from this cooperation, both in terms of program development, accreditation process, implementation of internships for students, providing their facilities, opportunities and capacities in conducting research, research of various natures.

 Cooperation agreements with institutions, businesses, NGOs and others

No. Name of institution
1 Cooperation Agreement with Drini Market LLC
2 Cooperation Agreement with Adea Group LLC
3 Cooperation Agreement with Fluidi LLC


Cooperation Agreement with the Directorate of Education in Gjilan, Kamenica, Vitia,

Ferizaj, Kaçanik, Hani i Elezit

5 Cooperation Agreement with Interex LLC
6 Cooperation Agreement with Albimi LLC
7 Cooperation Agreement with the Tobacco Factory
8 Cooperation Agreement with Kosova Comerce LLC
9 Cooperation Agreement with Besa Center LLC
10 Cooperation Agreement with Dita GSH LLC
11 Cooperation Agreement with IPKO Telecommunications
12 Cooperation Agreement with WUS Kosovo
13 Cooperation Agreement with Bislimi Group Foundation
14 Cooperation Agreement with the Kosovo Judicial Council
15 KLA WVO Cooperation Agreement
17 UKZ and KEDS
18 Cooperation agreement between ISLD (for conferences and joint events )
19 Mevlana Exchange Protocol
20 Memorandum of Cooperation with GIZ
21 Renewal of the Agreement with KEDS
22 Cooperation Agreement with the Municipal Assembly of Gjilan
23 Cooperation Agreement with KUSA, Kosovo United States Alumni
24 Cooperation Agreement with IKAF Institute
25 Agreement with the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology of Kosovo
26 Agreement with the Municipality of Gjilan
27 Agreement with Swiss Caritas
28 Agreement with the Kosovo Wine Association “Oenology ”
29 Agreement with the Albanian National Council
30 Agreement with Bislimi Foundation
31 Agreement with WUS Kosovo
32 Agreement with GIZZ CDBE


Agreement with NGO “PEMA”, Kosovo Agreement with S.T.A.- Country Master Distributor

of ETS

34 Agreement with KUSA- Kosovo United States Alumni
35 Agreement with Franco-Albanian Amity Association


36 Agreement with the Municipality of Kaçanik
37 Agreement with the Municipality of Hani I Elezit
38 Agreement with the Kosovo Chamber of Advocates
39 Agreement with the Municipality of Kamenica
40 Agreement with KEDS
41 Agreement with the Agency for Free Legal Aid
42 Agreement with the Cultural Association “Dom Mikel Tarabulluzi”
43 Agreement with RDA-Regional Development Agency- East, Gjilan
44 Agreement with the Municipality of Viti
45 Agreement with the Privatization Agency of Kosovo
46 Agreement with Mevlana Exchange Program
47 Agreement with the NGO “Cactus ”,
48 Agreement with the Kosovo Academy for Public Safety
49 Agreement with the Cultural Heritage Institute of Albanians in Skopje


Agreement with National Library of Kosovo and Association of Electronic Libraries of Kosovo
51 Agreement with Directorate of Health and Social Welfare in Gjilan
52 Agreement with HYMERI LEEMAN J.S.C




Marreveshje Bashkepunimi me Drejtoratin e Shendetesise dhe Mireqenies Sociale


Marreveshje Bashkepunimi me Drejtorine Komunale te Arsimit ne Ferizaj


Marreveshje Bashkepunimi me Drejtoratin e Arsimit













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