Faculty of Applied Sciences

The Faculty of Applied Sciences After 5 years since the establishment of the Public University “Kadri Zeka,” following an analysis of the needs of educational institutions for mathematics teachers, the job market analysis in various institutions, and the results of Gjilan students in local and international math competitions, and considering the human resources opportunities of our University, the Senate of the University “Kadri Zeka” in the 20th Senate meeting held on December 11, 2017, approved the establishment of the Faculty of Applied Sciences, starting with the bachelor’s program “Educational Mathematics.” Based on this decision, a working group was formed to oversee the process until accreditation by the Kosovo Accreditation Agency.

Indeed, Gjilan has a tradition of preparing teachers since the second half of the fifties (1958), at the level of higher education institutions, such as the Pedagogical Academy (1973), then as the Center for Higher Education of Teachers (1978). Starting from the academic year 1978/79, in addition to the program for the preparation of educators and the program for the preparation of elementary school teachers, the Mathematics-Physics and Language and Albanian Literature group also started working. The Mathematics-Physics program operated until the academic year 1983/84 when studies were discontinued due to changes at the time in the University of Prishtina.

The establishment of the Faculty of Applied Sciences is not only the desire of the management of the University “Kadri Zeka” but is a necessary need based on several factors, which we will elaborate on further.

The Educational Mathematics program will fulfill one of the obligations of higher education in Kosovo, which is the preparation of mathematics teachers in a new spirit of mathematical education developments determined by ICME, ERME, ATEE, etc. In the coming years, we will continue with other applied programs based on mathematics and its application in the job market, especially in the economy and entrepreneurship of the region and beyond.

The establishment of the Faculty of Applied Sciences is supported by these documents:

  • National Development Strategy 2016-2021 (Government of the Republic of Kosovo, Pristina, January 2016)
  • Strategic Plan for Education in Kosovo 2017-2021 (Government of the Republic of Kosovo, Pristina, December 7, 2016)
  • Development Strategy and Action Plan of the UKZ 2017-2022
  • European Commission: From University to Employment: Higher Education Provision and Labour Market Needs in Kosovo, December 23, 2016.
  • Labor market research for mathematics teachers in pre-university education in the Gjilan region, Ferizaj, and the Preshevo Valley.

Also, the establishment of the respective Faculty or the Educational Mathematics program is based on at least three important reasons:

  1. The significant need of the Kosovo education system for mathematics teachers.
  2. The demand for at least one other new programmatic alternative in mathematics education in Kosovo.
  3. The promotion of European mathematics education research results and the raising of the level of mathematics teaching in Kosovo.

Therefore, the vision and mission of the Faculty of Applied Sciences are defined within the vision and mission of UKZ:

The vision of the Faculty of Applied Sciences is: Preparing professionals ready for the job market, in the service of the needs of a developed and prosperous society.

The mission of the Faculty of Applied Sciences is: to promote continuous research and development to students, paying attention to human and civic values, universal values, as well as gaining a broad academic culture in the way of judgment and reaction to situations in contemporary and dynamic society.

With the establishment of the Faculty of Applied Sciences and the Educational Mathematics program, the University “Kadri Zeka” will utilize its capacities and work with dedication and responsibility to successfully prepare mathematics teachers as a key subject in pre-university education.

Studies in the Educational Mathematics program will consist of 180 ECTS, according to the European Qualifications Framework for Higher Education, and belong to Cycle 1: 180-240 ECTS credits, completing with the Bachelor’s degree of the 5th level of education as defined by the International Standard Classification of Education (ISCED) by UNESCO.

The Faculty of Applied Sciences operates the study program:

Educational Mathematics, BSc, 180 ECTS.