Quality in UKZ

Quality Assurance at UKZ

The Quality Assurance System at UKZ constitutes a comprehensive range of institutional quality assurance policies encompassing all developmental processes of the institution based on planning and coordination mechanisms both internally and externally. These mechanisms guide the continuous development of quality assurance policies that align with UKZ’s statute.

The quality assurance system at the university is supported by three main pillars: Documents, bodies, and assessment tools contributing to achieving the objectives towards fulfilling UKZ’s mission.

Since 2018, UKZ has appointed a Vice-Rector for Academic Development and Quality, and it has operationalized the Office for Academic Development and Quality. This office comprises a director, an official for Accreditation, and an official for Career Development and Alumni Affairs.

The mechanisms for quality assurance and management at an institutional level are:

  1. Senate of UKZ
  2. Quality Assurance and Evaluation Oversight Council
  3. Office for Academic Development and Quality
  4. Study Commission
  5. Quality Coordinators across academic units
  6. Code of Ethics
  7. Scientific Council

The foundational documents enabling the implementation of strategic management and quality assurance policies are:

  1. Statute of UKZ
  2. Regulation for quality assurance and evaluation at UKZ Ref. No. 01/2280 Dt. 21/12/2020
  3. UKZ Strategic Plan 2017-2020 revised in 2020. Chapter 6.
  4. Regulation for the establishment and functioning of the Quality Assurance and Evaluation Oversight Council (QAEOC), No. 01/2124, dt. 08.12.2020
  5. Manual for Planning and Performance Evaluation of Academic Staff, Ref. No. 01/2281 Dt. 21/12/2020
  6. Key Performance Indicators at UKZ
  7. European Credit Transfer System at the “Kadri Zeka” University, Gjilan
  8. Annual Calendar for Quality Assurance at UKZ

OFAQ plans quality assurance activities in the Annual Quality Assurance Calendar. These activities align with UKZ’s normative framework. The calendar specifies responsibilities distributed across all academic units for conducting these activities. Those assigned must report on the progress of these activities as outlined in the calendar. The calendar undergoes yearly updates based on supervisory report findings.

UKZ continuously develops new quality assurance policies by regularly reviewing all documents. Through this policy review, quality assurance documents become more practical and achievable.

Within the Strategic Plans, UKZ establishes strategic objectives and specific goals, delineated into indicators that are incorporated into accompanying documents for implementing the Strategy. This implementation occurs through activities outlined in the yearly Action Plans.

The assessment of Academic Staff performance at UKZ is conducted through the Performance Planning and Evaluation Manual (PPEM), which institutionally holds significance for planning, monitoring, evaluating, developing, and affirming performance excellence in fulfilling UKZ’s mission and objectives. It improves services to society and students through quality teaching, enhances curricula and study programs, enabling alignment of academic staff performance objectives with standards set by the Kosovo Accreditation Agency. Additionally, it identifies the academic staff’s competence levels in research and the conditions for their research work provided by UKZ.

The importance of planning and assessing Academic Staff (AS) performance is significant even at an individual level, providing the opportunity to affirm the academic staff’s work for UKZ. An important pillar of quality assurance at UKZ is the various instruments used for data collection. Different forms of questionnaires, interviews, as well as monitoring of AS during teaching sessions, are utilized for this purpose.

UKZ assesses quality across several dimensions using a considerable number of questionnaires through its assessment instruments

  1. Questionnaire for students regarding administrative services at UKZ
  2. Questionnaire for students regarding the assessment of UKZ professors
  3. Questionnaire for students regarding the assessment of UKZ assistants
  4. Self-assessment questionnaire for academic staff
  5. Questionnaire for assessment of the Dean-lecturer
  6. Questionnaire for assessment of the Secretary-Administrative Officers
  7. Questionnaire for alumni
  8. Questionnaire for graduating students
  9. Questionnaire for students discontinuing studies at UKZ
  10. External assessment/employer questionnaire

Description of the external quality assurance system:

The external evaluation process, regulated by the Administrative Instruction (AI) issued by the Ministry of Education, Science, and Technology on Accreditation of Higher Education Institutions in the Republic of Kosovo (AI 15/2018, MEST), defines the standards and procedures for accrediting higher education institutions in Kosovo and their study programs. Kadri Zeka University in Gjilan has undergone institutional re/accreditation in 2014, 2017, and in 2021.




29Regulation on quality assurance and evaluation at the public university ''Kadri Zeka'' Gjilan






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